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ISBN 81-7023-470-0
Accession No. 1167
Title The Spirit of Tibet: Universal Heritage: Selected Speeches and Writing of HH The Dalai Lama XIV
Author A.A.Shiromany
Year of Publishing 1995
Publisher Allied Publishers Ltd, New Delhi
Price Rs 125
Short Description In recent times His Holiness the Dalai Lama has emerged as one of the foremost exponents of Ahimsa, i.e., non-violence, after Mahatma Gandhi, whom he regard his mentor, He combines in himself a mixture of dignity and restraint while dealing with the traumatic situation brought about by Chinese atrocities followed by the exodus from Tibet. His equanimity of mind and moderation from an early age sustain him in maintaining his balance and joviality.His forbearance and patience are phenomenal. He has been consistently pursing the twin objects of world peace and human happiness with transparent sincerity and dedication. Be it Tiananemen Square, Mongolia, Vietnam or South Africa, he feels one with those afflicted by strife and violence, for his concern knows no distinctions of race, religion or political affiliations. Speaking as simple Buddhist monk he pleads for tolerance, wisdom and understanding toe establish a just and peaceful world order. In his speeches and interviews he addresses his audiences with remarkable simplicity and directness, conveying in simple words his deep thoughts on wide-ranging subjects and issues of global concern. He carries his burdens lightly on his robust shoulders, and permeates the atmosphere wherever he goes with his delightful presence.
Table of Contents Flight and Entry
Chapter I The Tragedy of Tibet

1. Statement Issues at Tezpur, 18-4-1959
2. Statement to the Press, 22-4-1959
3. Statement to the Press, 20-6-1959
4. Speech at Civic Reception,3-9-1959
5. Speech at Indian Council of World Affairs, 7-9-1959
7. Appeal to Secretary General, United Nations, 9-9-1959
8. Statement to the Press 13-10-1959
Chapter II World Press Informed
1. The New York Times
2. Press Trust of India-(1)
3. The Christian Science Monitor
4. The Hindustan Times
5. The Himachal Times
6. Press Trust of India-(II)
7. The Milap
8. The Daily Telegraph
9. The Daily Mail
10. Timoleague
11. United Press International
12. The Time of India
13. Interview to ‘Far Eastern Economic Review,’ 16-7-1982
14. Interview to ‘Newsweek’, 14-3-1983
15. Interview to ‘East West Journal’, February 23, March 7, 1984
17. Interview to ‘Newstime’, 11-7-1984
18. Interview to Washington Times, 21-9-1984
19. Interview to Newsweek, 8-7-1985 21. Interview to Parabola, February 1985
22. Interview to Glen H. Mulin
Presence and Articulation
(I) Political
Chapter III Acclaimed World Leader

(Award of Nobel Peace Prize)
1. Remarks on Nobel Prize Award, 5-10-1989
2.Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 10-12-1989
3. Statement on use of Prize Money, 10-12-1989
4. The Nobel Oration, 11-12-1989
5. The Nobel Evening Address, 11-12-1989
Chapter IV Sino-Tibet Relations (Five Point Peace Plan)
1. Letters to Deng Xiaoping, 23-3-1981
2. Speech at Washington, 21-9-1987
3. Address to European Parliament, 15-6-1988
4. Address to Yale University, 9-10-1991
5. Letter to Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, 1-9-1992
6.Statement to the Press, 4-9-1993
Chapter V Universal Responsibility
1. Human Rights and Universal Responsibility
2. Universal Responsibility
1. Human Rights and Universal Responsibility
2. Universal Responsibility
3. Universal Responsibility
3. Universal Responsibility and Religion
4. Imperative of Harmonious Coexistence
Chapter VI Tibet’s Contribution to the World
1. Speech at London 1-7-1981
2. Speech at London 2-12-1991
Chapter Vii Democratization of Tibet’s Polity
1. Fundamental Values of Democracy
2. Speech at Budapest, 3-12-1994
Chapter VIII Compassion and World Peace
1. Importance of Compassion in Human life.
2. Human Approach to World Peace
3. Compassion for World Peace
4. World Religions for World Peace
5. Individual Power to shape Institutions
Presence and Articulation
(II) Socio-Cultural
Chapter IX Environment and Ecology

1. On Protection of the Environment.
2. Ecology and the Human Heart
3. Environmental Responsibility
4. Speech on importance of Tree Planting, 6-12-1990
5. Speech during Kalachakra Initiation, 29-12-1990
6. Speech at Middlebury Symposium, 12-9-1990 8. Statement on caring for the Earth, 20-9-1991
9. Speech at Parliamentary Earth Summit, 7-6-1992
10. Statement to the Press, 5-6-1992
11. An Essay on Mountains
12. Speech of Buddhist Concept of Nature.
Chapter X Education of Tibetans
Address at Educational Conference 5-5-1994
Chapter XI Tibetan Buddhism
On Buddhism and Compassion
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